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    Why do People Call Chromebooks "Just a Web Browser"?

    Sorry for the lengthy post, but I just wanted to vent my thoughts on chromebooks and see if i'm missing something here, i apologize for typos in advance as it is 3 am and I'm too tired to proofread,

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    I don't understand all the hate towards chromebooks such as the commenters who say "how are people ok with paying hundreds of dollars for a web browser" or "I'd rather use the money to buy a cheap windows PC". I believe the chromebook should truly be considered a PC and not just a web browser.

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    Chrome OS is centered almost wholly around the chrome browser, but that doesn't mean its all a chromebook has. People seem to forget that most of our time is spent on the internet, and for most people with a windows/mac PC, they will find it to bejust as useless should your internet go down. More tech savvy people may also go the extra mile and install linux on their chromebook, but I do not think it is necessary and it defeats the purpose in the next paragraph.

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    Before we go into the other features a chromebook offers, one quick thing. Chrome OS just works, it runs smoothly, never crashes (at least in my experience), and you do not have to worry about you or your technologically impaired parents getting a virus on the computer.

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    As a student, the standalone apps I would rely on the most are microsoft office related products. I can get the microsoft office apps (which are now in the chrome web store) and for those times when I don't have internet, google's similar programs work offline or I can simply transfer the files to my PC. No matter what environment I'm in where I need to do schoolwork, I've always had wi-fi.

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