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    My Macbook stopped working for a while during my youtube session!

    During my youtube bingeing session, the macbook air, on my desk, which i was using broke for a while. The macbook connects to a dedicated private wireless networks for security, and was restricted to running a single app (safari), used to watch kitty clips on youtube.

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    The problems were connectivity-related! But my neighbour's macbook was working fine!

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    It's been a rough year for my relationship with my wifi router, it doesn't behave often and resets itself.

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    A friend of mine (Nilay), an ardent Microsoft fan, said: I think it’s more effective to consider these as the integrated appliances they are — they run on a custom private wireless network, and they only run one custom app. It’s less a "Macbook" than it is an "Youtube video player" If any part of it breaks, it’s broken. It’s no comfort to the user if they know the hardware still works or whatever; their appliance is broken.

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