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    Nintendo Switch or Xbox One?

    Heard Skyrim is coming to the Switch and the handheld console thing is my dream come true. But the gaming selection is light compared to my Xbox One, what do you guys think?

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    While I love my Switch, it is light on AAA titles.
    I’m looking forward to Skyrim, as I’m one of the few people who never played it. So, I would of course lean to tell you to get a Switch.
    At the same time, the Xbox will more than fill your need for many titles.
    Do you value portability over access to numerous games?

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    Probably portability honestly it’s why I love mobile games too. Which is why I considered into getting an iPad or iPod for gaming only.

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    Then the Switch is what you’ll want.
    I do wish it had more RPGs right now, but between Skyrim and Xenoblade this fall, I should be covered for a while.
    Especially considering that I have yet to complete BotW.

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    It’s a lot of different weighted prospects you have to choose between-

    • Power or portability
    • Larger AAA library or Nintendo exclusives
    • Media center or focused gaming machine
    • Time tested online services or cheaper online services
    • $279 (w/ game) or $360 (w/ game)

    I personally went with the Switch, in all honesty though it wasn’t really is much as a decision between the Switch and competing consoles though- the Switch was the first console that really got me back into gaming after I had kind of planned on skipping this generation.

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