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    Discuss: Why did my boyfriend like Emily Ratajkowski's butt on Instagram?

    Personally: I think an Insta "like" has such different value to different people that it's basically impossible to interpret what that means (for your relationship) without discussing that with the other person first. Or at least looking at what their regular behaviour is (do they follow 3 people and like almost nothing or follow 1000 people and like everything that passes under their thumb?)

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    Then there's the whole aspect of guys looking at other girls than their girlfriend. It shouldn't matter, but it does. How do you deal with that?

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    I think it shouldn’t matter. You can say the guy shouldn’t want to look at other girls other than his girlfriend, but the other side of the argument is just that the guy is appreciating something that he perceives to be nice to look at. It probably does not mean the guy wants to be with Emily Ratajkowski instead of his girlfriend, and there’s no emotional connection or any kind of intimacy between the guy and Emily Ratajkowski anyway.

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    I don’t get when people raise the issue of insta creeping. Instagram is a place where people share the best of themselves, whether that be "artsy" photography of nature, objects etc. or photos of themselves. It is not surprising then that other people on Instagram would find that attractive and like it. And you can always make your account private.

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    content from reference site

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    I still don’t get Instagram. And I don’t understand why you are supposed to ‘like’ things on the internet.
    …And get off my lawn!

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