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    Password App

    In view of the Yahoo hack (i have an old defunct account), I was thinking of resetting password for the zillion logins I have. There are options to use a password tool which can generate random passwords.

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    Which one would be the right option considering, access would be needed on desktop (Chrome), mobile phones (apps, chrome, safari)

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    OnePass is probably the most popular one, but they were hacked recently. Didn't Google have something similar?
    Any advise would be helpful.

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    I use 1Password and swear by it. I bought it way back when you had to pay for each individual app, but it was worth it. Now they have a kind of subscription model that works well.

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    I also tried Dashlane and LastPass at various times too but return to 1Password. I like that it handles 2FA (not sure if the others do) and that it has apps for just about every platform (except Chrome OS).

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    content from reference site

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