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    Mail & gmail & the disappearing emails problem

    This is in response to Walt Mossberg's article about Apple apps. Can anyone confirm that the disappearing gmail emails problem in Mail is happening with POP access, or is it just IMAP?

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    My situation is that I am still on Eudora and Snow Leopard (don't laugh) and will be moving to Mail and El Capitan in April. I tested Mail the other day and found that whilst it received test emails sent to my gmail accounts (I could see Mail sucking them in), they didn't always show up in the Inbox(es).

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    I rely on my gmail accounts and need to know whether I can trust Mail. I do a lot of work offline so IMAP is not an option.

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    In my testing, it seemed that the order in which I created my accounts in Mail made a difference to whether emails disappeared or not. As well as my gmail accounts, I also have a POP account with my ISP; it seemed that if I created the gmail ones in Mail before the ISP one, incoming emails for the gmail accounts showed up; if I created the ISP one first, then the gmail emails sometimes disappeared.

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    Of course, I didn't have time to send hundreds of emails just to be sure of these results, so I still don't know whether I can trust Mail or not.

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