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    i personally think that pc online gaming is far more better than console online gaming because u can get much higher fram rates in 1080p 1440p gaming but if you are going for a low budget build you cant really make a choice but with an intel pentium g4560 + nvidia gtx 1050ti +8gb of ram can mostly play games at high setting on average 35-60 fps another advantage of pc online gaming is that you do not need to pay for online membership plans (ps plus) and with a pc you can sometimes download and play online games without buying them from third party website

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    What is the best online gaming experience (console vs pc?)

    but there are more servers to play in console online gaming and if u have a good internet u can have a lag free online gaming experience and also when comparing the price of the build i mentioned before will cost atleast 500$ but u can get an xbox one s 500gb version for 249$ so when it comes to pricing the console will win for now but after the launch of the xbox one x (a.k.a the scorpio) consoles can get expensive

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    Actually, PC gaming is much cheaper if you look at the big picture, sure, in the short term it’ll cost you a bit more (Like $50-$100 more to get the performance of the X) but with not having to pay for online like you mentioned, cheaper games, and upgradability you save a small fortune (ESPECIALLY with upgradability)

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    Can we please uncap this title? C’mon now, let’s be gentlemen. There is no need for this.

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    Also some punctuation would be nice

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