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    I am going to switch systems, simplify down to two or three primes and an AIO zoom. A friend that has shot with the A9 says it is a revelation. My body is ready. If anyone wants to take advantage my switch I have bodies and lenses up for grabs. Heh.

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    Anyone else going Sony with the A9?

    Just can’t afford it. I’ll wait for the A7III or whatever they choose to call it. Let us know how yours works out! Congratulations.

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    I’m seeing a bunch of features starting to migrate to the A7-style form factor, like high-performance silent shutters, better EVFs, touchscreens (finally!), better weather-sealing, and ergonomic improvements like the AF joystick.

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    While the A9 is way, way out of my snack bracket (I just don’t need anything like that), I am pretty curious to see what finally arrives in their lower-end models like the A7 III.

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    They sound like minor things, but I’ve been totally spoiled by silent shutters and touchscreens, and while my foray into Pentax land was brief, I loved the freedom of having totally reliable weather sealing, and so I’ve been sort of hesitant to forgo all those nice user experience touches in the A7 line, despite the appeal of the compact full-frame body.

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