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    Over the period of past 11 months in Criminal Research, I discovered that many events of crime occur with the assistance provided by technology. However, what I wonder is if there exists a technology that is equally capable in preventing such crime? It would be a great help if the existence of such a tool be notified.

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    Does anybody have an idea of a tool that can predict crime in advance?

    First of all, why ask us? There are certainly behavioural algorithms that can presume a potential scenario, but this isn’t Minority Report.

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    Second, as with the first statement, a lot of presumptions and assumptions need to be made BEFORE it can be determined to be fact. I am sure there are watch lists for potential criminals, but unless you watch them 24/7 you can never tell. They would have to be determined to be guilty beforehand.

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    Yes, but it will involve profiling people by race, sex, economic, and social status in society.
    Do you really want that?

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    There’s a technology called PreCrime. It uses 3 "Precogs" that see future crimes and carve the criminal’s name on a wooden ball. A guy then moves some holoscreens around using powergloves to locate the criminals, and the police arrest them. Keep in mind that that sometimes, one of the precogs has a "minority report" of an alternate future so the system isn’t 100% reliable.

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