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    What is professional gaming like?

    What are some people's experiences trying to get into the competitive gaming scene? Is it challenging or rewarding? How did you pro gaming become your passion? These questions are for an anthropology project on professional gaming.

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    Was really long time ago, counter strike 1.6, clan tried to sign up for one of the pro leagues. We had couple wins, but overall got destroyed.
    Was still fun to play 5v5 competitive. Wasn’t fun when you land a nade on your own teams head.

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    The group had been playing together already for years. We all started playing back before 1.3. We played on random servers, but we almost always scrimped for fun with other groups. It was a much different gaming community than it is now, where most of the counter strike clans were socially closer and many of us talked outside of game too.
    So one year we just decided, since we were pretty good in friendly random internet scrims, why not sign up for a league and see how we compared. It was fun, we played against some of our friendly clans and against randoms. In the end though we were pretty low in rankings. But it was. Lot of fun to play organized competitions. As someone who also played team sport it was a fun extension of that team competitiveness.

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    I’ve always appreciated your point of view in the forums. Now I know I like you based on that plus your love of counterstrike.
    Some of my best gamer memories were from CS. The original, 1.6, Source….
    I remember driving down to Baltimore to play w a clan that I was in that went to college there. Beer + 15 people + 15 computers + 24 hours you can have a ton of fun!

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    I used to play Tactical Ops and its kinda-sequel Frag.Ops competitively. This was like 10-15 years ago. There was little to no money involved and the whole thing was a lot less structured than it is now, but it was a lot of fun. In Frag.Ops my team and I were some of the top players as it was a fairly small community, in Tactical Ops there were definitely some clans that were waaaay better than us.
    I got into it mostly because there is loads of strategic depth to FPS games that you don’t get when you play with random people. It’s about a lot more than getting all the headshots. A well organized team of decent ‘technical’ skills will almost always beat five high-skilled randoms who aren’t working together.

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