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    Final Fantasy IX: Nexus 6P or iPad Air 2?

    I don't play many games, but this is one I really want to get into.
    Problem is...I have a Nexus 6P and an iPad Air 2...and I'm not buying the game twice. Wouldn't sync even if I did.
    That said, the problem is this:
    Which platform should I buy it on??? Both my Nexus and iPad have more than enough space for the game, so that isn't an issue.
    Playing on my phone means I could take it everywhere I go. But if I had it on my iPad, I could really enjoy its large screen.
    On the other hand...I could cast the game from my phone to my TV and use my Moga controller to play it...
    Then again, new iPad Air 3 coming out next month may make this game run even better...

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    Never used a Nexus 6P but twice the screen size has to be the decider.
    I haven’t played FF IX but the few high res games I have used have been impressive. Afterpulse isn’t my type of game but my stepson was playing it on my iPad and it was stunning.

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    This is the single time where owning a PS vita would be absolutely the correct choice. That said…I’d go for the extra screen estate.
    ….but really though, this is what frustrates me about Sony. The Vita could have been a nostalgia machine. I’ve played FFix on the Vita. There just isn’t anything like physical buttons.
    I wish Sony did a better job with that machine.

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    I bought a cheap PSP for the explicit purpose of being my Final Fantasy I-IX machine. I’d have plumped up for a Vita for X but it’d have meant buying X-2 as well and I could do without being reminded of that thing!

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    Had the exact same issue with FFVII. Opted for iPad in the end for the reasons already stated, and a controller for the iPad too. They’re games that deserve all your attention and all the screen they can get!
    Just in case you hadn’t noticed, it looks like it’ll be 20% off tomorrow so everyone just wait until the morning?
    Also, why no VIII love?

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