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    How will gaming evolve?

    PLS answer each question as I feel that's the best way to stop repeating myself at a later date:

    1)Microsoft recently said Xbox is another PC. What does this mean?? And what will the future console gens be like.
    2)Is it better to go with Xbox or go with PlayStation for the foreseeable future?
    I really don't know what to do if like to choose the one which is going in the right direction and has the right things in mind. pls help

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    I’m not a big gamer so take my opinion with a grain of salt but I think phones will become the new mobile gaming consoles and with laptops becoming increasingly more powerful and there being plenty of games that can play even on a mid range device without much issue you’ll see console gaming take a slow but steady dive.

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    I think this is pretty unlikely. Yes, phone/tablet/laptops are getting better, but you aren’t taking into account that AAA games are getting more and more demanding on hardware. Generally hyper-expensive PCs lead the way as far as graphics go, with more affordable PCs/laptops/consoles a couple years behind. Phones and tablets are WAY down the line.
    Not to mention the pretty important fact that consoles’ standardized hardware brings more stability.

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    1) it means it’s a computer, which, yeah, obviously. It goes a little deeper in that the Xbox One runs a version of windows, and they’re doing some integration stuff between the two, but nothing really impactful. As for future consoles, just take what we have now, add more particle effects and headset support, and you’re done.
    2) No wrong answer, they’re virtually identical machines and most games are cross-platform. If you’re into online with friends, you’ll probably have a better time by getting the same one they do (perfectly valid reason). If you don’t coordinate online, just get the one that has more exclusives you’re interested in.
    Don’t sweat the decision too much, they’re both great options.

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    PS4’s cleaning XB1’s clock and has been since the beginning. It might not make much of a difference over the next year or so, but you’re going to start seeing developers gravitate towards the PS4 over time. The PS4’s going to have more longevity in the market.
    Now, this may not really matter to you, because the situation may end up being that MS releases a new system first with better hardware and graphics, while the PS4 stays on the market for a while because it has more developer support. At that point, the PS4 will just look old and outdated, even though it has more games (and gets more exclusives). But you might prefer being able to just buy a newer system with better graphics at that time.
    Also, it seems pretty likely that MS is going to pull out all the stops to try to even the score with the PS4, which may mean more user-friendly moves like lower game prices, faster OS updates with extra features added, etc.

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