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    Been 2 days and no Verge coverage : (
    So far it seems it will work on XP and above, Linux and Android 6.0+.

    So I figure I'd put it here, thoughts?

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    Vulkan API 1.0 released!

    Why would it add code complexity without any benefit? It would most definitely provide benefit. And while them officially supporting XP/Vista is unlikely though in theory if the drivers work on Windows 7, there is a good possibility they work on Vista as well.
    Now whether or not you would want to still run XP and Vista in this day in age is a different question. Was just listing platform support.

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    It doesn’t add any Vulcan complexity, as it isn’t tied to WDDM (unlike DX).
    It only adds AMD/NV/Intel complexity => they won’t support it on anything but 7+, possibly really even test just on 10 with anything below an afterthought.
    I mean, it is like OGL which runs everywhere, yet AMD and NV only bother making good drivers for the relevant Windows versions.
    The only puzzling choice is XP support (on paper). I don’t think there is a single PC with GPU that will get Vulkan which runs XP. On the other hand, there are still more XP systems than Linux ones so it isn’t THAT weird

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    While I wish Apple would implement it alongside Metal so that Windows, Linux, and OSX all have a common low level graphics API, this is exciting too, someone is making a Vulkan over Metal bridge

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    The early speculation seems to be true; Nintendo is contributing to Vulkan (look towards the botom-right).

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