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    Game of the Year?

    It's that wonderful time again where we discuss the Game of the Year 2015. What are your top picks? Here are my contenders:

    • PS4 Exclusive: Bloodborne
    • Xbox One Exclusive: Halo 5 Guardians
    • Wii U Exclusive: Splatoon
    • Cross Platform: Destiny - The Taken King

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    It may just be that I look for something different in RPGs than you do. I don’t enjoy the normally critically acclaimed RPGs like Skyrim, Fallout, Dragon Age, and Metro 2033 because the combat is so terrible in those games and many of the side quests are tedious grinds. The Witcher 3 managed to marry competent combat with decently interesting side quests which was enough to get me to pour well over 100 hours into it (while I’d normally quit the other RPGs I mentioned after less than half a dozen hours of play).
    To be fair, I also enjoyed Dragon’s Dogma quite a bit for it’s awesome combat despite most normal RPG fans thinking it was trash so I’m probably an outlier. I desperately want a sequel to that game.

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    I honestly didn’t like The Witcher 3 at all, I paid 60 bucks for it, played 20 minutes of it and it’s been sitting on my shelf ever since, it was my first time playing a Witcher game but it basically felt like a cheap version of Elder Scrolls, just wasn’t feeling it.

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    While the Witcher doesn’t avoid some of the tropes of this type of fantasy, it has narrative cohesion from beginning to end, and even the side missions can turn some of these tropes on their head, with some seemingly innocuous quick grinds turning into clever story twists.
    The makers of other fantasy RPGs can learn a thing or two about storytelling from the Witcher.

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