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    Who Else is Excited for Halo 5 Guardians?

    It's almost time for Halo 5's release, and in my opinion, it will the best Halo to date. From the return of classic arena style gameplay with even starts and a precedence on map control and skill level, the new PVP/PVE experience of Warzone that has never been seen before, the new Forge which looks incredible and gives us map creators what we have always wanted, and of course, the most hype built and story/lore driven Halo campaign yet. This Is in my opinion, one of the best values of the year (especially with the crazy decline of content in today's games), with tons of content at launch (21 maps, 15 hour campaign on heroic, 13 hidden skulls in campaign, 117 Intel items in campaign, 1000+ reqs at launch, 175 armor sets at launch, 30 vehicle variants, 53 visors, 1600+ forge objects, 218 player emblems), and tons of FREE DLC post launch as well (18 more maps post launch, more reqs, armor sets, visors, vehicles, etc). This game will defiantly be the best FPS of this year with just so much content at launch and free content post launch, you just cannot beat this value and more importantly, amount of fun that will be had. So are you guys excited for Halo 5? Please explain why or why not in the comments and the poll I will create below!

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    Definitely! I played the multiplayer beta a while back and it was amazing.
    From the videos I’ve seen recently, it looks like it’s gotten even better since then.
    Only downside is, I barely get as much time to play video games anymore.
    Man I hate getting old…

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    I’ve purchased every Halo game on launch day, same as Call of Duty. Both I play for about a week and never touch it again. I’m weirdly excited for Halo 5 and am hoping i’ll stick to it.
    Thankfully with Best Buy Gamer’s Club Unlocked I am only paying $40 for the game on day one. 20% off and a $10 gift card.

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