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    Wireless headset for Xbox One and PC?

    Okay, to start this off, I really hate my Xbox One right now.
    What the hell was Microsoft thinking by not allowing you to use any kind of standard headset with the Xbox One? I've come across so many headsets that literally support everything but the Xbox One. (PS3, PS4, PC, and even Xbox 360)

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    Anyway, I need a high quality gaming headset that can easily and quickly move from an Xbox One connection to a PC connection. I would really prefer if I could just use a USB adapter and move it from my Xbox to my PC, but I don't see any of those that are marketed as working with PC and Xbox One.
    Bonus points

    • Low-profile mic. If the mic is actually housed in the headset itself instead of sticking out, that would be ideal. This is the only thing keeping me from getting a Turtle Beach 420X.
    • Doesn't use bluetooth for computer connection. This is the only thing keeping me from just getting a Turtle Beach 800X.
    • Affordable. I can spend $300 on a headset if that ends up being what I need to do, but I'd rather pay $150 or less.

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    Does the new version of the Xbox One controller not now come with a standard headset port? Or is it just headphones?

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    It comes with a 3.5mm jack but I want something wireless. Including not needing a cord between the controller and the headset.

    The SteelSeries H Wireless comes with a receiver that can be plugged into regular audio jacks (and still supposedly lag-free). It’s really expensive though.

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