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    Is the PS4 the ideal console for "gamer parents"?

    I finally got around to watching The Verge's video review of the PS4, after struggling with my PS4 all day, and they mentioned a feature I'd forgotten about in the shuffle: the ability to pipe game audio through a standard set of headphones plugged into the controller.
    I tried it, and I gotta say, it works well and it's pretty awesome - and that's just as a single gamer. When you start considering parents who have to deal with sleeping children, it's almost a necessity - several of my friends are already really, really excited about the potential.

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    Of course, piping game audio through headphones is just one piece of the puzzle. The other major piece is remote play on the Vita. Want to play a mature PS4 game, but don't want your children to see it? Kids want to use the TV and you want to play a multiplayer Assassin's Creed match? Just bring out the Vita and connect it to the console. It's not a perfect experience yet, but for a just-released product, it's pretty solid, and it'll just get better.

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    It seems to me like the PS4 is delivering for "gamer parents" the way the Wii U promised to but hasn't necessarily managed to follow through on. Only some Wii U games support tablet-play-only, while most if not all PS4 games will be supporting remote play. As for the Xbox One, it's major push seems to be to bring families together for TV/gaming experiences - which is great for entirely different reasons, but doesn't really seem to have any features for gamer parents whose families may not share their interests.

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    Remote play isn’t going to be present in 90% of the games. Sony backtracked and said it would be up the developers, and very few developers are actually going to spend resources on second screen / remote play because the Vita has sold horrendously.
    If you recall, they barked the same thing about PS3 remote play, as of now, less than 10 games take advantage of it.
    Sony always talks a big game, and doesn’t deliver. History shows us this.

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    I’m not sure why you are here trolling both the PS4 and Wii U in this thread but you are wrong. The PS4 supports remote play on every game. It is up to the developer to remove the feature if they want to use the extra resources for Playstation camera stuff (which makes sense since if you are remotely playing you aren’t going to be using the camera). The developer does not need to do anything nor spend resources on it. Name me one game of the 24 games already available at launch which does not support remote play.

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