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    Though I am no fan of motion gaming, I thought this demo went absolutely perfect. The Playstation 4 Camera seemed to work flawlessly, and it made quite an impression on the audience. Im curious to see how its utilized in the future.

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    PS4 Debut looks impressive on Jimmy Fallon.

    How often are you going to play that though. It looks like the novelty would run out after 10 minutes.

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    ts a bit of a disingenuous demo considering that probably less than 10% of the consoles will have the PSEye. I’d say developer support will be minimal at best. If anything comes of it, it will be because Sony will develop for it, and I doubt they will put the resources to try to compete with the Kinect since their product is definitely not as good. I think it is why they cut it from the package. They knew they couldn’t compete with features so they decided to compete with price.

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    That’s a tech demo. It’s fun to watch, but that’s it.

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    When speaking on the camera. I bought one and it says they were sold out everywhere when I got it. I called four stores and only one had one camera. Fun game to BTW.

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