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    Xbox One Pre-order DELAYED!?!?

    How can a pre-order of a "Xbox One DAY ONE Edition" be delayed by weeks? And by Target, the same idiots who sent a few early? Here is text from the email I just got. I'm NOT happy, to say the least. Is there anything I can do other than wait or cancel?
    I've dealt with Target just a week ago trying to change the shipping address, as I just moved, and they "cannot change any details of a pre-order. Would you like to cancel your order?"

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    We just found out about an unexpected delay that affects your order (Order #xxxxxxxxxx) placed on 09/25/2013. We're sorry, but we may not be able to deliver your item(s) by the estimated delivery date you received with your original order. New estimated delivery date(s) are included below. If we can't deliver your item(s) by this new estimated delivery date, we will automatically cancel your order. Here's what you can do:
    If you'd like us to keep trying to deliver these item(s) beyond the new estimated delivery date, visit the order detail page and approve future delivery updates. We will do our best to fulfill the delayed item(s) from your order, but if we can't we will let you know as soon as possible.
    If the item(s) is on backorder and you no longer want the delayed item(s), you can cancel them from the order detail page.
    You will not be charged for any items until they ship. If items need to be shipped separately, your shipping charges will not increase.
    Thanks for shopping at Target.

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    Well that’s sobering. So Target US fucked up by delivering a handful of consoles way early and now they’re facing possible delays? They need to get their house in order.

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    This really isn’t surprising. Big box retailers have always been pretty terrible at shipping and supply management of online orders. I pre ordered from Amazon because they’re one of the few companies I trust to not fuck up release day shipments.

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    This is why I don’t order from big box retailers anymore. Too many times I’ve had my pre-ordered devices sold to random strangers, or lost, or gone missing. They are probably sold to friends of the employees as I’ve worked at one before and know that shady stuff can happen with the pre-order stock.
    Go through Amazon imo. Worst case your shipment gets caught in a freak storm and you have to wait an extra day or two. Better than having some d-bag take your unit and you gotta wait until the next wave of production.

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