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    Playstation 4 AMA!

    Just got my PS4 this morning (a day early from Amazon), so far been only playing COD:Ghosts (Launch lineup sucks for real but willing to wait for better titles within the coming year). If there's anything you guys want to know that hasn't been really explained in any internet reviews you've seen, just ask

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    Ahhh I hate you for having a PS4 before I do. I hope you get noob toobed for 48 hours straight, in some bizarre level where you keep spawning infront of someone with a grenade launcher with infinite grenades.

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    Sadly, no (well, a couple of folks but not enough to fill a lobby), so in the meantime I’ve been doing the single player mode. I thought PS4 would cross-play with PS3 but it doesn’t.

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    Yeah it can make comment posts (like this one here). Browser isn’t anything to be proud of, stick to your computer/mobile device lol.
    BTW, I mainly choose COD over any other shooter simply because everyone else I know plays it. Kinda boring to play what may be a better shooter if there’s no one else to play with you.

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    Oh I see, I usually play MP parts way later and not with anyone i know usually ha ha
    COD should still look better than ever has right? you tried taking screenshots?
    as for the browser its just cool to not have to switch devices. ie Handy on the vita too
    thanks for replying mate

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    Does vita and console need to have same account signed in for remote play? E.g. Can account 1 on vita connect with account 3 on console because Vita doesn’t have multi sign in. Thanks.

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