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Thread: Atari Lynx Love

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    Hey all

    I was reminiscing the other day about the epicness of the Atari Lynx. I'd like to hear from previous owners about their experience with the handheld.
    1. Which did you prefer, the 1st gen (long one) or 2nd gen (short one) machine?
    2. What were your top 3 games?
    3. Did you enjoy the multiplayer functionality? It was years ahead of its time!

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    Atari Lynx Love

    I still have my original lynx and lynx 2. They bring back so many good memories. I don’t know why but I prefer the original even though it is a lot bigger. My top 3 games would be California games, chips challenge and rygar. I only ever had the chance to do multiplayer on California games but thought that it was well implemented.

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    I had the 1st gen. Chips Challenge was by far my favourite game, though Blue Lightning and California Games weren’t half bad.

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    It was my first introduction to the sad fact that the best/most innovative hardware doesn’t always sell (all my friends had Gameboys).
    Is it any wonder I became an Apple fan?

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