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    Sony + Google = Duh.

    Sorry for the stupid thread title, its late. Anyway.... Sony just released the PS4 along their competitor Microsoft. Google is being bothered by Microsoft on the daily it seems (ie: new SCROOGLED ads). So, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Sony needs to call Google and get their apps on the PS4. Youtube, with added streaming integration, like twitch. Hangouts with camera support and playroom stuff. Google Now/Search with reminders and stuff (use your imagination for that one). Voice search. Google Play services (although probably not that because Sony has their Unlimited apps). oh and Chrome. This doesn't at all seem impossible. Am I the only one seeing this. Call me crazy I guess.

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    What sony needs is seamless integration, fool proof way to connect all their devices to one another… They have the hardware to do it, but lack the software elegance to pull it off seamlessly. Google + Sony is the best idea and both companies will benefit from it.
    Although, Motorola and Google also need some more time together we’ll have to let that one season for a bit.

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    Sony does not want to become another company totally dependent upon Google. Because the only one making money in that deal is Google. Plus the PS Eye hardware is not that great to support the level of integration that is needed. On top of that were people not crying to the heavens about always on cameras and Mics because of the Kinect even though its a option.

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    Only YouTube and maybe replace Sony’s native browser with Chrome, and we’re good. Google don’t need to partner with Sony for anything else on the console front.
    Sony just needs to bring in some veteran software people to clean it up and make it work better. They have the vision.

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