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Thread: steam on linux

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    steam on linux

    I find it comforting and I hope they spend a lot of time and devotion to the effort. I’d like to have a backup in case Steam support for windows or windows support for Steam goes bellyup.

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    I don’t use Linux but I’m to see it make it’s way to a new platform. I’d like to be able to play games on all platforms, not just Windows.

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    ’m a Windows user looking to switch to linux. I’ve been wanting to switch for quite some time, but linux just doesn’t have the gaming potential. So tell me, why is Steam’s release on linux significant? I looked at the Steam Linux Games library, and there were no major games.
    The problem with linux is that no one is making games for it, rather than a distribution platform. So how is Steam for Linux going to fix anything? There still aren’t any games. And I don’t think that Ubisoft or Square Enix or 2k is going to go back and release their games for linux.
    So why is Steam on Linux a big deal?

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    The list of games is not so large now, but Valve appears to be totally serious about this. For instance, they are porting Left 4 Dead and they are planning a console, so the more games they port the more revenue they will make.
    A question to be asked, is what has changed? Why is it suddenly possible to port these games to Linux? Well maybe it was never really that hard — it was just something that a good partner of Microsoft would not do.
    What’s going on is discussed here. Windows 8 has been poorly received by partners, as they feel that MS is threatening them. Microsoft is running scared of tablet-ization and the whole industry is seeing more change in the last 18 months than it did in the last ten. For the first time in 15 years, we’re moving away from the Mac/PC duopoly.

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    Porting still takes time/effort/money, even if you don’t have to worry about DirectX. DirectX/OpenGL only handle graphics – they don’t deal with sound, input, networking, or even getting a window up on the screen. In any case, many modern engines support both DirectX and OpenGL nowadays.
    OpenGL is availabile on nearly all platforms besides Windows RT/Windows Phone, including iPhone (OpenGL ES)/Android (OpenGL ES)/desktop Windows/OSX/Linux (X11)/Chrome OS (WebGL or NaCl). DirectX is only available on Windows 8/Phone/Xbox.

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