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    Get Ps3 or wait for Ps4?

    I'd like to start off by saying that my only console has been a Wii for the past 4-5 years, so I've missed out on all the Ps3 and Xbox 360 action. Right now I'm trying to decide on buying a ps3 now for the cheap (I don't have that much money to spend on gaming), or wait presumably a year for the Ps4 and buy it for around double the price. In your opinion, are there really going to be that big of a breakthrough that will make the Ps3 feel obsolete? I am NOT a hardcore gamer and though I adore quality graphics, the Ps3 seems to push out enough power for my likings, so I'm looking at this from an mostly an gaming experience standpoint. Thanks.

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    Go buy the PS3. Even if you don’t game, it’s arguably the best blu-ray player on the market. Plus, there are plenty of great games for it at this point.
    If you wait for the PS4, remember that it won’t be backward compatible with PS3 games (Sony seems to give up on backward compatibility), so you will be waiting for games to come out, plus it will be expensive.

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    For me one thing about console don’t every go for first generation, it will be much expensive, and the games developer will took time to fully optimize the machine power. With the rumours that Xbox 720 will on be release in end of 2013, so I guessing PS 4, will be much later early 2014.
    So PS3, will have a long year yet for its time, more games next year and even more games from previous years which now should be much cheaper. So buy PS 3, not I bet you still could use fully until 2015. Give PS 4 one year or two, it should be on 3 or 4th generation by them, then you upgrade.
    That what I plan to do anyway, since I just bought my PS3 last month.

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