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    Nintendo Switch or Xbox One?

    Heard Skyrim is coming to the Switch and the handheld console thing is my dream come true. But the gaming selection is light compared to my Xbox One, what do you guys think?

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    While I love my Switch, it is light on AAA titles.
    I’m looking forward to Skyrim, as I’m one of the few people who never played it. So, I would of course lean to tell you to get a Switch.
    At the same time, the Xbox will more than fill your need for many titles.
    Do you value portability over access to numerous games?

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    I personally went with the Switch, in all honesty though it wasn’t really is much as a decision between the Switch and competing consoles though- the Switch was the first console that really got me back into gaming after I had kind of planned on skipping this generation.
    The biggest and most obvious knock against it is games, and yeah it doesn’t have a built up library yet but having bought it back in May I can’t say I’ve gotten all that bored. I started with Breath of the Wild which apparently occupied 145 hours of my life, a week later I got Mario Kart, I got ARMS on launch day and had been playing it ever since up until Splatoon 2 was launched which I’m already chemically addicted to and of course by the end of the year I’ll also have Pokken, Mario Odyssey and Skyrim.

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    course by the end of the year I’ll also have Pokken, Mario Odyssey and Skyrim. Of course this is all without mentioning the flood of indie titles that have already come to and are scheduled to come to the Switch. I’m already in love with Shovel Knight and I’m looking forward to Stardew Valley especially.
    I guess my point is, since it’s already too late to save myself from sounding overzealous, unless you need a brand new game to satisfy that itch with every other day the Switch will be more than enough. The biggest obstacle I think is probably price.The Xbox has great bundles where the Switch doesn’t, and the cost builds up as you buy more ($70 to $80) controllers with fewer used and third party options than the Xbox One platform which has the benefit of age. If you can stomach the price, prize portability and/ or Nintendo franchises like myself I’d say it’s well worth it.

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    Being an owner of all 3 consoles I’d pick the Switch over Xbox One (not including PS4 in this discussion). The reason is quite simple, Xbox lacks good first party titles (I can only count Forza and GoW as must-haves. Not a fan of Halo/ME) and the multi-plats that are available are usually better experienced elsewhere.
    Switch, on the other hand, already has 3 titles (it’s only been out for 4.5 months!) that’ll keep many gamers busy for years – ARMS, LoZ:BoTW and Splatoon 2.
    Xbox One has two things though that are still beyond anyone’s reach – the amazing controller & the UI (which I believe is the best available).
    Okay nevermind, I guess both have their own pros and cons but nothing beats portability especially when you lead a busy life of family & work. Guess it all comes down to what stage you are at in your life.

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