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    Nintendo Switch: You buying?

    I preordered the Nintendo Switch in Gray along with Zelda and Just Dance. Very excited for March 3rd!
    While I can understand why many might not want to get the NS, I think this fits me perfectly.
    I want to play games with a deeper experience. I have disposable income, but not a ton of free time. When I want to play games, I prefer to do so in a more mobile, laid back fashion, such as lounging on the couch. I don’t care much for playing online, but enjoy playing with my friends next to me. I travel frequently enough on road trips that I can still get in a gaming session of a couple hours.
    Again, I think I’m the target audience for the Switch. I don’t care as much about how great a game looks; if the experience overall is great, I can forgive the appearance.
    If nothing else, I hope this move by Nintendo is successful enough that it warrants Sony and Microsoft to start seriously considering making gaming a more portable experience. Especially Sony.
    They have a wealth of PS2/3 games that I would love to play on a device like the Switch.

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    I’ll wait and see. I have a 3DS with lots of games still being played on that along with a Vita, so the portable thing is already covered. I don’t need another one yet.
    The bigger question is performance. If this thing can play a lot of the third party PS4 or Xbox One games on the go then i’ll be more inclined to buy. No that doesn’t mean just Nintendo home console titles.
    The other question is battery. Is it removable? That is my bigger concern for longevity reasons.

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    This is the first console that has really interested me in 10 years, so absolutely. I’m not really a "gamer" as my gaming mainly consists of playing old Dreamcast games like Shenmue and Tony Hawk Skating, playing the latest Pokemon game on my 3DS (because I will never lose love for that franchise) and occasionally losing myself in Skyrim for a few months each year. So I’m not particular concerned with how "powerful" this is- what interests me are the titles (Nintendo still has the best IP) and just how unique this device is. As a college student I love the idea of being able to take these games on the go, and the way in which you can still do multiplayer on the go is pretty ingenious. This is genuinely exciting for me.

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