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    Super Mario Run.... Smh...

    This game is without a doubt, unequivocally....average. The general lack of control takes so much of the fun from the game that it begs me to wonder if Nintendo even put much though into this.
    I think I stick to playing my Mario games through an emulator and awaiting the Nintendo Switch for a better gaming experience.

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    It’s obviously a game for the Candy Crush/Angry Birds crowd. I doubt it’s going to satisfy Super Mario Bros. fans and I honestly doubt it’s meant to.
    That said, I really think Nintendo has more or less lost the plot at this point, or at least lost me as a fan. If they want to be a casual gaming company, fine, and if it makes them a lot of money, fine. But I don’t have to follow them or buy their games anymore.
    Nintendo didn’t used to be like this. This is the company that made the original Donkey Kong that I still can’t even complete a single level of most of the time. It may look cute, but the game is hardcore. Yet it went on to become a beloved classic that spawned all these sequels. Would Super Mario Run have inspired that same legacy?

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    There are underlying issues with the game that vary depending on your principles. If you have a bad data plan, bad wifi connectivity or are stingy then this is not the game for you. The way you should see it is $10 is not a lot for a game, especially seeing as if this came out on a WII U it would be at least $45. If you think it should be free check out this article on PG explaining why it freemium would suck

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    Average is probably the best way to describe it. It’s not bad, but it’s not a great mario game, it’s not a great one button-runner, and it’s not especially unique or memorable. It’s especially disappointing when compared to something like Pokemon Go, which is a massively flawed "game", but was a much more ambitious attempt to recreate the experience of playing Pokemon in a smartphone-centric way.

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    The controls or lack there of are exactly why it’s good and bad. It’s good for novices and casual gaming sessions but it’s bad when trying to be a completist and collect all the various colored coins. I’m most of the way through the worlds and I’m trying to collect all the green coins for the level with the moving rings of fire. I tried over and over for 20 minutes before I realized I was getting pissed off at the controls and gave up. I’m not sure I want to finish the game at this point but I will be interested to see the switch in action.

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    I love super Mario and I love almost all his games (Cough, Cough) hotel mario (Cough, Cough)… so yah… Mario’s good, but this game; there’s just something about it that gives the felling that Nintendo’s just trying to get money this time… when I played it for the first time I was kinda exited to see what Mario’s got for me this time but when I understood that the full game costs real money I wanted throw the phone out of the window! so yah I hate super Mario run

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