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    when does "everybody's gone to the rapture" git gud??

    I played this game last week cause it was free on psn and it was fun for a little while. and slowly it got more and more boring.. like I was deeply interested in the story and what the hell happened....but progression was so damn slow. I got tired of wandering around from one house to another, to a bus stop. I played for like a hour I think. I tried to muddle through but it seemed like there was nothing more than to walk around and listening to ghost(I know they're not legit ghost) talk.

    but what I want to know is when does something happen? when does the game actually get fun??

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    "Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is a first-person adventure art video game developed by The Chinese Room and SCE Santa Monica Studio. It is a story-based game, taking place in a small English village whose inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared. "
    Emphasis mine. I’ve never played the game but you’ve found a "walking simulator." The whole thing is about the ambiance, the story, the environment, the people, and that’s about it. There’s no real gameplay. It’s an interactive story. Nothing more, nothing less.

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