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    Do you play LOL? What is your favorite Champion?

    Hello friends, I open this post for know your champions favorite and create possible team in LOL.
    I am currently a player preference ADC or MID, I would like to team up with players of this forum.

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    I like to support, mostly because I don’t have to fight for the role and when team builder was still around I would always get into a game real quick.
    I usually play Braum. But sometimes I like to mix it up with Nami, Vel’Koz or Annie.

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    I’ve been playing since 2010 and have had multiple mains. The game just does not get old as new champs and alterations keep things fresh, as does the variety of match combos.
    First main was malzahar, until everyone shut me down with QSS
    Second Main was Viktor, once I learned how to aim his laser he was death incarnate
    Velkoz was never a main, but Arclight velkoz is the single most beautiful creation in all of gaming. A being of golden light descended from the heavens to give the gift of eternity.

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    I don’t play anymore, but when I did I mostly played Anivia. Nice champ – tons of power and nice utility spells in a single package. But this was many years ago.

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    Lee Sin is the reason for me to play League of Legends. Love that champion.

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    Top: Gnar
    Jungle: Lee Sin
    Mid: Katarina
    Adc: Jinx
    Support: Janna
    My favourite champion is Lee Sin in all champions

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