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    Jnna My favourite champion is Lee Sin in all champions

    I don’t think they will because of Scorpio or Neo. They did keep adding convenient delays to Zelda Breath of the Wild to make it conveniently line up with the NX launch, so if they delay the NX again, expect another delay for Zelda.

    I just hope that the NX at least matches the current consoles. I wouldn’t put much hope on Nintendo bothering to match the more powerful iterations on this gen. If it matches the PS4, it’ll probably be closer than Nintendo has been power-wise since the Gamecube. Say the PS4.5 is 2.2x as powerful, and the XB1.5 is 3.3x more powerful than the PS4. That is still a lot closer than the Wii was to the PS360 or the Wii U was to the PS4. 200Gflop GPU vs 1300 and 1800Gflop ones. 6.5x less usable RAM for games.

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    You don’t think the Wii Us sales were at all hurt by being woefully inadequate for cross platform games?

    I’m not saying they need to join the spec war or release a juggernaut, and I very much don’t expect them to. But it should at least be close enough to get some "may as well" third party ports, otherwise the chicken and egg cycle of support vs marketshare will never be broken

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    I’d argue that the Wii U was hurt more by the packaged tablet controller which added almost no value but increased the cost of the console outside of snap decision territory and the focus on casual gamers that were abandoning consoles for phones/tablets in droves. Both of those led to poor sales of the console which led to woefully inadequate for cross platform games.
    If the Wii U had sold as well as the Wii it would’ve gotten cross platform games and strong 3rd party support regardless of how weak it was.

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    I’m not saying comparative performance is the only thing, not by a long stretch. But for you to claim it’s absolutely nothing is quite a far stretch. The Wii was lightening in a bottle. People saw what the tail end of support was like for that. They need to attract cross platform games, and it needs to at least be close to the first iterations of the XBO/PS4 for that. A bit less powerful? Fine. Still woefully far off? That would be disaster.

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    I’m not sure cross platform is the draw for Nintendo buyers that it is for XBox/PS folks. There is, as you know, a gigantic love for the core franchises, which are not going to be appearing on any other system. If the new Zelda samples are anything to go by, game quality for NX or whatever it ends up being called is going to be off the scale.

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