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    Is SpinTires worth it ?

    So ive been watching this game (SpinTires) around for a long time and ive always been attracted by it...
    I mean, the detail of the ground, the deformation, the vehicles but also the workshop (steam) mods, multiplayer (also with mods i guess ?) and even the map creator but not really the actual game missions, have kept me interested for about a year... My questions however, are:
    Is SpinTires worth 25 euros ?
    Are there enough players to play online ?
    Is there a somehow big community that overall still helps the game develop ? (updates, added stuff, etc.) ?

    Thanks for your time !

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    I bought the game in a humble bundle for around $10. It was worth it for me. The game is not for everyone, some can find it boring while others can play it for hours.
    I think it is a great game, I usually have a hard time finding other people to play with though.

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    yeah i get it, its not for everyone haha. it has amazed me though so i thing its for me thanks for the reply !

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    I was amazed by the demo when it came out.. but somehow lost a bit of interest by the time they released the full version. Apparently the devs are very slow and there are some issues still. I am waiting for it to come on sale on Steam (missed it a couple of times) to buy.
    Didn’t know it had multiplayer option!

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