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    Who do you like to play as?

    When you play a video game, what kind of character do you like to play as? Do you like to play as the kind of character that can take out enemies in 2-3 hits, but moves like a sloth on downers? Do you like to play as the kind who is very fast, but is not good at taking hits? Do you like the kind of character that is well-rounded in all areas?

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    What genre of game are you talking about?
    - In Madden, I like to play the dumb but supremely athletic running backs and linebackers. Their lack of field awareness doesn’t matter when I’m in control (I’m aware that’s a form of cheating and am comfortable with that fact). Ditto NBA games – athletic freaks first, please.
    - In RPGs, I generally favour the rogue classes, such as archers, snipers, and stealth heroes.
    - In MOBAs, I eventually gravitate toward heroes that are difficult for the opposition to play (after having my habit of picking archers knocked out of me). In Dota, that means Venomancer, Dark Seer, and Spirit Breaker.
    - In action games with skill trees, I tend to build defensively first. Even in games, my natural instinct is for self-preservation first.

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    Likely MMOs
    This isn’t even a common RPG question in today’s market. It primarily only matters for multiplayer based RPGs.
    DPS, Tank and all rounder are basically the three player styles that dominate most multiplayer RPGs

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    Speedy glass cannons are my jam, I’ve mostly played Destiny for the past year and I like The Last Word on movement based classes.
    I have been playing as the Warlock class recently, which is slower but way tankier and has insane grenades.
    Not entirely the question you asked, but I strongly prefer to play as a female character. Games where I am forced to play as a man tend not to hold my interest. The exception are shorter story based games (probably/hopefully Firewatch) and things like Uncharted for whatever reason. I want to play Overwatch, but I’m honestly kind of worried about putting myself out of the meta if the strongest class ends up being a dude.

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    For most RPGs the class varies, but if they’re more burst DPS glass cannons, I find those fun, especially if I can pull off blocks or evades
    For Destiny, I main a warlock. Less tanky than a Titan, less mobile than a Hunter, but each subclass (minus Sunsinger), can usually deal more overall DPS than their equivalent counterpart. Plus I feel like a badass when I bust out Landfall and decimate tons of adds.

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