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    Male Gamer Survery Takers Needed!

    I'm conducting research in a class at the University of North Texas on male gamer's and self concept. If that's you, I would greatly appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to fill out this survey:

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    Man, it wouldn’t let me put my gender in without kicking me out. Then when I said i wouldn’t call myself a gamer it kicked me out. It’s just a survey that is looking for exacts. You can’t deny me the survey damn it just because my gender is telephone!

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    PLS answer each question as I feel that's the best way to stop repeating myself at a later date:

    1)Microsoft recently said Xbox is another PC. What does this mean?? And what will the future console gens be like.
    2)Is it better to go with Xbox or go with PlayStation for the foreseeable future?
    I really don't know what to do if like to choose the one which is going in the right direction and has the right things in mind. pls help

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    PS4’s cleaning XB1’s clock and has been since the beginning. It might not make much of a difference over the next year or so, but you’re going to start seeing developers gravitate towards the PS4 over time. The PS4’s going to have more longevity in the market.
    Now, this may not really matter to you, because the situation may end up being that MS releases a new system first with better hardware and graphics, while the PS4 stays on the market for a while because it has more developer support. At that point, the PS4 will just look old and outdated, even though it has more games (and gets more exclusives). But you might prefer being able to just buy a newer system with better graphics at that time.

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    Also, it seems pretty likely that MS is going to pull out all the stops to try to even the score with the PS4, which may mean more user-friendly moves like lower game prices, faster OS updates with extra features added, etc.
    Of course this is all conjecture, but it’s based on similar console races of the past. This race has the feeling of the original Xbox/PS2 race.
    Personally, I usually don’t consider the future much when I buy consoles. I buy consoles for what’s available right now; and usually that’s a pretty good indicator of what’s coming too. On that basis, things are a lot tighter.

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