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    Why so much focus on MGSV's killing?

    Ok, I'm a fan of the series, so I'm kinda biased, but come on. This game doesn't have more killing than say, any Uncharted or Gears of war or what have you. And besides, the whole point of building an army in the previous two games (Portable Ops and Peace Walker) and in this one, The Phantom Pain, is just that: it puts you in a position where you CAN kill an enemy, but it'd be your loss since you can't recruit them for your own army. So actually, the game makes you kill LESS, or not at all if possible.
    I don't know, it's just a thing that caught my eye in Plante's thoughts about the game.

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    The world isn’t that much different today than it was two years ago. We’re still dealing with the same problems saying and doing the some things. Some people cry about fake violence while most people just ignore it if they don’t like it. And as far as games go people have been crying about violence since Doom.
    Not all critique is good critique, saying a violent game is too violent isn’t a very good critique.

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    Really? In the US alone we’ve had quite a bit happening in the last two years. In the tech and gaming industry as well. I guess you’ve ignored things like GG, Women vs Tropes in gaming, the general increase of awareness in dealing with sexism and racism in the tech industry? Or on a broader scope same sex marriage, the PP stuff. I could go on. But 2015 is very different than 2013.

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