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    What Are Your Favorite Gaming Original Sound Tracks?

    Halo Series:

    The Halo Series has some of the best most invigorating and emotional music I have ever heard in a game and maybe out of all the music I have ever had the chance to listen to. No other game's sound track tops the chills I get from my neck to my toes that Martin O'Donnell's epic master pieces do while playing as a powerful super soldier fighting galactic battles against aliens and ancient parasites. I can practically hear the notes of the piano from the song "Our Final Effort" in my head with great harmony and a sense of hope that the day will be saved from the evil that pursues.

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    Sonic the Hedgehog Series:

    I grew up with Sonic, he was my hero back then as a little kid and is now one of my favorite gaming characters of all time. He was so fast and full of attitude and to top it off his games back then were amazing and a blast to play, especially Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles, that game was a master piece of digital 16 bit art and also music. Sonic may not have the best games all the time (though the old ones were in my opinion some of the best games ever), in fact, recently, they are far from that, way far from that, but you can always count on a Sonic game having great music that gives you the chills while blazing faster than the speed of sound. From the digital 16 bit era of the Genesis with the astonishingly catchy tunes that are still in my head to this day, to the more modern and yes, cheesy tunes of the sonic games of today that despite their cheesiness, are still fun to listen to and even sometimes dance to by yourself in your bedroom (I totally don't do that...). Sonic's music is literally the sound track of my amazing and fun childhood.

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    Loom, Secret of Monkey Island & Monkey Island 2, Especially if you listen to the original MT-32 versions (I don’t like the re-recorded versions for the special editions of Monkey Island). Beautiful.
    Heck, anything involving Michael Land, Peter McConnell & Clint Bajakan. The Dig is lovely, as is Grim Fandango and the Fate of Atlantis.

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    Recently, Xenoblade and NieR, the latter of which I am fairly certain is the finest video game soundtrack I’ve ever listened to. Xenoblade has top-tier field and exploration music while the battle themes vary in quality from really good to best-in-class.
    But aside from that, Halo’s music is especially great (ODST and Reach, especially), Sonic Team’s mid-90s output is largely unparalleled (Sonic CD, Sonic R, and the incomparable NiGHTS into Dreams), and prior to Konami’s meltdown, they had the ABSOLUTE BEST sound team in games working on their numerous Bemani franchises, with names like Toshiyuki Kakuta (L.E.D.), Sota Fujimori, Kosuke Saito (kors k, Teranoid), Naoyuki Sato (Nekomata Master), DJ Yoshitaka, Ryutaro Nakahara ( Ryu☆), and many others. Those soundtracks to beatmania IIDX between 7th style and Empress were excellent.

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    Pretty much every New Mombasa transitional song is a best-in-class piece. ODST is Bungie’s narrative masterwork, and Marty’s scoring really drives the point home, with musical cues acting as lightbulbs in Rookie’s head each time he pieces things together at each site.

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