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    It was really fun and inspiring to see and create with a community of people who believed in and even loved The Verge. I remember exploring an underground void with Paul when it first started and later on I had a prime spot in the city where I built a hotel. Everything was so fresh and inspiring and there were so many busily active but personable people. I stopped playing, but I always knew I could get back on at a later time. I was naive to think the whole experience wouldn’t end. It really was a great time to be a part of this site.

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    I still have the original Vergecraft Save File. Pre-Realms… With the great pyramid. Booted it up this morning to reminisce over my great castle in the north. I miss the og vergecast crew… sigh…

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    There was some disagreement between moderation staff and the Verge staff member responsible for running it. A lot of compromises were made which alienated many members of the server community and that led into general neglect and lack of communication. Eventually most players and server staff just stopped getting on and it finally shut down this past fall/spring, not sure of the exact timeing. A server without a unified sense of direction doesn’t last long when the people who put their name on it stop caring.
    I am however thankful for the time I spent on it. My closest group of friends now are people who I would never have talked to otherwise if not for Vergecraft having existed and they’ve influenced me in a lot of ways. It’ll always be something I remember fondly.

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