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    Editorial: Maybe the Final Fantasy 7 remake is a bad idea

    What do you guys think? Is it really worth gambling on a modernized remake by the now-terrible Square Enix? I feel like they haven't given us much to go on, so maybe it's a little premature to start worrying. Then again, it's hard to imagine how there going to pull off some of FF7's funnier or stranger scenes..

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    He makes a great point. The truth is that SE has really let graphics dictate everything in expense for stories, and even then, they have framerate issues.
    I know people wanted it, but in reality, it should only be used as a way to leverage cash for a new FF game. In fact, I would say that after 15 and the 7 remake, they should just retire the FF franchise for a while, let it be dormant, and then bring it back in, say 4 years from now and diversify. However, SE will never do this.

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    I am optimistic. That said, their games used to be epic. Loved Final Fantasy Tactics, but even though Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was an ok game, it wasn’t close to as epic as FFT. I rather see them push their creativity into better, more intricate, more emotional stories, than focus more and more on graphics. To me it was the stories that made FF VI, VIII, FFT, Chrono Trigger, and others so memorable. It was more about the story than the game play. In this case, I hope they don’t screw up (change) the story.

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    That said, as long as they don’t majorly screw it up, it will be fine.
    I honestly hope it extends the story beyond Advent Children.

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    To me it’s the gameplay. FFVII had the traditional turn-based battle system, but if they could use the Dimension Battle system from FFXII, the game could be a little more interesting.
    The difference would be that this would be available on consoles other than Nintendo’s, and that’s a big deal. If it’s as good as Xenoblade, but plays on PS4/PC, that’s a huge win for gamers.

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    I enjoyed FFVII, but I have zero interest in replaying it. Is it a ‘bad idea’ to remake it? No. SE needs this. They’ve remade every other FF under the sun (they actually released FFX HD three times for PS3, Vita and PS4), plus XV’s ETA is still a big question mark. At least this will satisfy fans who’ve been demanding it the last decade.

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