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    How Much Does it Really Cost?

    With my current internet package I pay .28 per GB. Arkham Knight is 50 GB, that means it's an extra $14.00 on top of the $69.99 CAD for the game. I think the better choice is to buy discs. What is your cost for the new Batman game?

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    The plan is $70 per month for 250 GB. So 70/250=.28. All plans in Edmonton Canada are capped. The largest is 800GB@$120 per month. While I have never been charged overages, the cap is in the contract. How much do you pay for your internet? My download speed is 30 and up of 2.5.

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    yes it is sensible. Netflix at a 3 hours a day is 207 GB a month. Then add a game for 50GB and I’ve hit the limit. well sorta, I can go over but run the risk of extra charges. what’s your plan?

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    Its not that I can’t afford it. but the 50GB for the game is equivalent to more than 21 hours of Netflix. if I buy a disc there is no data overhead. I like the convenience of quick access and no discs but at $14 bucks worth of my data…. not sure. I’m curious what is your price per GB?

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    I take it you haven’t bought a game for a while. Even with a disc patches are going to be a significant download.
    Also do you distribute on Blueray (which is not particularly common) or DVD (which is quite frankly useless for most modern games)?
    E. I have an uncapped plan – only ADSL speeds but fibre won’t be any more expensive when it is available.

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    I agree with you of course, that i’m already spending the money on the internet plan, but I could use the 50GB on something else. Something I can’t buy from a store. Such as Netflix, these types of forums, 3D printer diagrams etc… The download is $14 worth of my data. Or, I can walk to the store buy a disc and save the 50GB worth of data. Data has a value. I really just wanted to know what others are paying. What does your data cost you? I have looked at other plans in Canada and the US, and they don’t look much better than mine. Xfinity caps all plans a 300GB, only the speed varies. My provider will up the speed and the Data to 120 Mbps and 800 GB for $120/month. That = .15/GB. the fastest Xfinity plan is 150 Mbps with 300 GB @ $114.95 after introductory rate = .38/GB.
    You are right, there is a cost to you for every second of your existence, if you have life insurance, but I don’t use up 20% of my life every month.

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