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    Anyone remember Star Wars Jedi Knight

    Jedi Academy was this incredible Star Wars game released several years ago where you'd created your own padawan make your way up the chain doing missions and fighting against the empire! You make very small choices to decide whether you end up still being a part of the lightside or falling to the darkside. The story isn't really the big defining thing as to why to play this game, but the lightsaber duels and slicing stormtroopers is where it may just make it one of the best Star Wars games even now!
    If anyone remembers this game give me some of your favorite memories!?
    There are so many memories I can recall, but mine would have to be discovering mods for this game after completing the campaign! I was very sad that the game was over, but when I realized there was basically free expansion packs (mods) and making lightsaber duels more realistic I went back in and plug in more hours than I could count! At the bottom is a link to a video I made showcasing this game! Maybe that will freshen your mind up!

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    Dammit! Stop making me feel old. Loved both Outcast and Academy. Not a fan of the film franchise but the overall story makes so much greater sense in the gaming world. At least it did for me.

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    Hahaha I checked this forum out precisely to see if anyone posted anything about Jedi Academy… have to admit it was eerie to see this post on the first page.
    I like the graphical improvements they made over Jedi Outcast, including lightsabers which really do glow in the dark.

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    Haha was it? I just got my hands on the game at the time after a long while and was like man this is still a great game!

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    Haha yes! I bought the game again off Steam a few days back, as I wanted to play it again but couldn’t find the original CD (which was bought when the game was released) Yes, it’s indeed a great game!

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