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    Is it too early to be hyped for the next nintendo console?

    When is it coming out? What do you want? If it uses an equally bad controller that's not okay with me. I'm hoping for basically the gamecube 2. With competitive graphics. Like mario galaxy was good, but it had nothing on super mario sunshine with a classic controller.

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    Too early to be excited? Probably, we know absolutely nothing about it (there were some incredibly lame and obviously fake rumors, like with an "AMD Adreno" [which they formerly owned but sold the rights to]). But it’s fun to speculate regardless.

    As for what I want, less money spent on the controller and more money spent on making the insides competitive, please. No more 6x less usable RAM than the competition, no more ridiculous SIMD-less PowerPC 750 cores kept limping around for backwards compatibility, etc etc. Partner with AMD, build a good APU for easy porting with 8th gen consoles. If it launches in another three, four years, the PS4s performance should be an absolute baseline.

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    Another angle.
    Nintendo does not need a console capable of photorealistic modelling. They are a Cartoon company, not a Live Action. They do not need a PS4 or faster level machine.
    Why not sell a NintendoCast dongle, and a properly amped up 3DS with a comparatively modern CPU/GPU?

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    A counter to that angle: Nintendo games may work well with their specs (and who wouldn’t expect them to – they planned the specs for their own games), but as we’ve seen multiple times now they can also cause them to miss out on big third party cross platform games, and that in turn can hit their adoption rate (which then impacts both their hardware and software revenues). Making a system that is more third party friendly will also be good for their first party games, even if they don’t max out the graphics.

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    What’s wrong with the Wii U’s controller? The gamepad is a little unwieldy, but I find the pro controller super comfortable. Neither is uncomfortable/bad in any way.
    Anyway, I don’t think Nintendo needs a new console any time soon, at least not for another 3-4 years. It’s not like a new more powerful console would really be able to bring on any 3rd party developers. (who historically have stayed away from Nintendo consoles) Plus a new Wii released in the near future would have the same problem as the Wii U did at launch, that being no compelling titles, (unless it was fully backwards compatible) that, and you would stifle any possible sales of the Wii U going forward after the new one was announced.
    What I want to see are N64 and Gamecube titles on Virtual Console. I would spend so much money buying those games it’s not even funny.

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    Nintendo doesn’t need graphics to release good games. Of course they don’t. Nintendo games are solid, but they are too few and far between without third party games to play between. And I think here lies the problem, they don’t run well on the Wii U so they never show up.
    My favorite two Nintendo consoles were the N64 and the GameCube, and they were not weak compared to the playstation they competed with. Not saying the Wii U is weak, but it could use more power for sure. Maybe that would bring more third party titles to the platform.
    The Nintendo underdog thing – Still can’t wrap my brain around it…
    The sad part is I don’t know how much longer there will be room for three home consoles…

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    All lies, the guy reported on the games BEFORE they even met and hasn’t reported on her work since they were dating. And it was not plural.
    Somebody just made this into something it’s not and every lame ass dude took it as a fact.
    Sort of the point of the entire thing was people accepting false lies as the truth because it suited their ideals and thoughts.
    Like you just did!

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