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    Are exclusives a viable advantage of console?

    Console gamers will often say things along the lines of "Console has better exclusives", "Console has more exclusives", or both. If you don't look carefully enough, these seem like good arguments, you won't be playing Uncharted 4 on PC, you won't be play The Last Of Us 2, no Horizon Zero Dawn, etc. But, after a bit of simple math, you'll find this argument really isn't all that great.
    There are a whopping 16,305 Windows games on Steam currently. Let's say 65% of those are exclusive (It's probably more, but we're just doing some conservative estimates). This means there's 10,598 exclusive games on Steam, and this is a low estimate. Let's be very conservative, and say just 2% of these games are good. This gives us 212 good games on just Steam. That's more than PS4's and Xbox One's total exclusives combined. And this is just 1.3% of the total games on Steam. Let that sink in for a moment.

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    In conclusion, the exclusives argument (From the console side, at least) really isn't a valid one. The amount of good PC exclusives using very conservative estimates outnumbers the total amount of exclusives on both current consoles. If you're curious about the PC, here's a link to another post I did...

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    I don’t think you can equate all "good" games. People want Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us 2… not just generic "good" games.
    Its not about the numbers of exclusives. It is about having the right exclusives. You can say "but you have 212 great games on Steam" all you want. I just want to play Uncharted.
    Branding and marketing are strong forces.
    This also ignores the other reasons to buy consoles.. such as simplicity and price but can save those for another day.

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    Okay. Now let’s pretend you have some way of actually finding those 212 out of 10,598 "good" games on Steam. Steam curation is a real problem, especially with users coming in and review-bombing any game that remotely offends them.
    Also, as others have said, the presence of "good" PC exclusive games does not change things. The console exclusives that move hardware – Mario, Zelda, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, The Last of Us – these are remarkable games, most of which have wide appeal. What exclusive PC game that you can name fills in for Mario or Zelda or Horizon?
    A lot of the great PC exclusive games fall into specific categories of games that are better on PC because of the control schemes – RTS game, MOBAs, 4x games, etc. And while some of them are indeed exceptional, they also have a very specific audience. Console exclusives, on the other hand, cover a wide range of game types and preferences.

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    exclusives nor would I necessarily want to. It’s about what those exclusives are. I bought a Switch because I really like Nintendo titles, even if there’s far less exclusives than compared to a PC. I’m thinking about buying a cheap used PS4 instead of investing in a gaming PC because I want to play Persona 5. The games make the platform, not the other way around. Maybe exclusives like Big Rig Racing really gets you going and if it does then cool, but for others that’s not what they’re looking for.
    Sorry but not everyone wants a gaming PC, and no we console users aren’t the misinformed masses in need of correction or saving either. Just let people enjoy what they enjoy because at the end of the day it’s just video games, it’s about having fun not proving how right you are in the face of people who have decided to make different purchasing decisions than you.

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