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    Not really age related. I don’t watch much TV so when I get home from work I play 1-2 hours of PS4, maybe a few hours on Sunday if I don’t have anything else to do. Typical night after work I take care of all house related business and get lunch for the next day ready, spend time with the misses and play some games. It can easily add up to 11+ a week. Just depends on what you do for entertainment.

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    Everything Pagan says to you is the truth. In the end, he’s really the good guy, because no matter which way you choose between Amita or Sabal, it’s a bad ending for the Golden Path. Great game, but I wish it gave you the choice to use multiple saves.

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    How many hours a week do you play Xbox One?

    I agree all the decisions are tough because in one way its supports one specific group of people and in a different choice another. For example the opium farm, if you chose Amita and took the opium for the Golden Path, it would give them resources, but if you chose Sabal, you burn the opium and you prevent drug distribution in Kyrat

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    I used to play maby 15h a week but since i started up my youtube channel i started playing alot more to get more content

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    Watch TV through it….8-14 hours.
    Game 0-14 depending on what game I’m playing. Right now, Just started Tomb Raider. It has me hitting it 2 hours a night.

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    Yeah and after I get out from college and sometimes after work all I do is play Xbox.

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