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    When are we going to see custom game controllers?

    A few days ago, I heard about these in-ear headphones that are molded to your ear... so it got me thinking.. what about custom controllers?
    We have custom everything - computers (internals), clothes, furniture - so why not controllers?
    What if the internals of the controller were made in a way in which they could work with any "shell."
    I'm not just saying "paint job" - although people care about that too... I mean size, the material of the controller, grip, shape, number of buttons, placement of left analogue stick (Wii-style, Xb-style, PS4-style).
    I thought that by now, 3D printers would bring us that ability to create custom controllers... especially now that gaming has become a sort of competitive "sport."

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    Although customization that gives people a competitive advantage will need to be stopped and a standard would have to be introduced... you want people feeling comfortable, but not gaining a competitive edge... so ergonomics hell yeah, actual electronic advantage: no.
    But still, in a non-competitive sphere, if one controller promised you not just better ergonomics, but better control, higher accuracy and precision (plenty of these exist), longer battery life or lower wireless latency, then why not?
    Imagine the best controller, getting all the electronics right, but leaving the design and ergonomics up to you.
    So what do you think?

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    That might require a different standard which might not be supported by the system.
    The issues with competitive also bleed into standard MP games. Unfair advantages abound.
    But, i am surprised there aren’t more custom controllers. It might have to do with licnesing from the companies themselves. No one really knows.

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    Controllers are designed to be one-size-fits-all, and they pretty much succeed at it. I see people complaining about colors, buttons etc. but very few people have a gripe against the ergonomics.
    So I don’t think it’s going to be much of a profitable market at all.

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    On a similar tangent, I just started playing Guilty Gear on the PS4. I had to use the Dual Shock 4 to start, because the fightstick I use (Hitbox), isn’t compatible with PS4. Or so I thought. After a ton of research, I found out I could upgrade the firmware on the PCB (printed circuit board) in the controller. Long story short, the controller works, but needs to be "soft reset" every eight minutes otherwise it completely stops working. Apparently PS4 has a function within it’s controllers that it needs to authenticate, via bluetooth, every eight minutes.
    So one reason why there are no custom controllers is it’s not exactly viable. The electronics involved are highly confusing to the layman, and the console manufacturers are trying to keep third party and/or unlicensed controller makers from participating.

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    At 8 minutes the controller will simply stop. The game will run but no amount of button presses will do anything.
    Their latest firmware releases allow a soft reset. Hold in select, then press 3 kick buttons and the controller disconnects. Just press the Home button then it reconnects. Itís completely harmless and within 2 seconds youíre back. A good work around until a more permanent hardware solution comes up. Just do that between fights and itís fine.

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    What happens at 8 minutes? It fails authentication? So does it go the first 8 without authentication and then at 8:00 it does its first auth-check?
    How did you flash the controller with new firmware? Where did you get the firmware from?
    Thanks for sharing you story, btw.

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