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    Is there anyone who doesnt like Titanfall?

    so in the build up to any game's release, you get the odd negative editorial / forum post or comments in the articles where people criticise an unreleased game due to their loyalty to an opposing franchise.
    But with titanfall being made by former COD devs and published by BF publishers, they sort of lay in the middle, and i would have thought that some hostility from PS4 / PS3 owners who wont get to play the game would be shown, so they would just mock it and say it's this and that.
    but, I have seen nothing negative towards this game. which is a new feeling because even games like GTA, even though they are popular, they have a lot of people saying it's immoral etc.
    So am i right in saying EVERYONE loves titanfall?

    P.S. I actually love this game. i pre ordered it when it available to preorder months ago and i loved the beta and cant wait for the games release. I actually posted the same thing over at polygon but it's very quiet out there.

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    how can you judge a game that is not released? i was really excited for Ghosts but have played it for less than 5 hours since buying it on launch day.
    sure, people who criticised ghosts were right, but their opinions were based on fanboyism. and right now, if i defend ghosts, after playing it, i would also be a fan boy.
    so yeah, if you say a game sucks without playing it, you are a fanboy of a competing franchise or just a hater

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    I played the beta and didn’t really like it. I’m a hardcore Battlefield player, and the game simply felt too much like COD to me.
    1. I can’t handle guns that are “too” accurate. Like COD, Titanfall pretty much guarantees that wherever your scope is pointing, you’ll hit. I didn’t need to aim in front of running players. There was no bullet drop. It just felt like a toy.
    2. Everyone just runs around like an idiot, holding sprint 100% of the time. There’s no strategy, it’s just run and gun, pray and spray.
    3. The bots are idiotic. I could stand in front of 4-5 bots, mow them all down with two shots each, and they wouldn’t even hit me while shooting at me. They added nothing to the game except easy kills to buffer your score.
    4. 6v6. Ugh. Not like the small maps could handle more anyway though.

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    the points you are making are all valid and i agree with you on all of them. But, you have to remember that they are not marketing this game as an strategical or even team based shooter.
    it’s like an arcade sci-fi shooter that you play for fun and of course it would be understandable if it’s not someones’s cup of tea, but my point is that they have delivered on what they promised.
    if you play need for speed rivals, you can complain about the fact that you can make a 90 degree corner at 150mph but doing that in GT or Forza would be impossible.
    basically im saying it’s ok for an arcade game, which emphasises on fast paced action shooting to feel unrealistic

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