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    Hey everyone I wanted to make a thread where we could all post if we have the titanfall beta as well as our gamer tags so we could play each other!! Who else has the beta? How do you like it so far? Will it match the hype? What's your gamer tag? Let me know below!!

    Yes I have the titanfall beta, add me to play
    gamer tag: Keith Box One

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    GOT THE TITANFALL BETA! I skipped my first couple classes in order to play it this morning. Man, so far it is absolutely living up to the hype. I only played two games of attrition, but it was fantastic. Coming from Battlefield 4, there is no question. This is my next.
    Playing on Xbox One. Gamertag- Felsteady

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    After playing for a while it really gets fun. Im still not very good but its entertaining nonetheless. The menus look like they were just ripped from COD though. Really something they should replace. Hopefully they will sort this out before the release.

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    Registered for the Beta for PC Wednesday and waited till today and just had it. The hype was killing me so went to the EA website for Titanfall support. Just filled in the questionnaire and begged them to give me a code as my chances might be limited as I’m in a foreign country. Two hours later, got a response and they left me a download and access link. Awesome! Will download tomorrow and start!

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    Started playing Saturday morning and I’m absolutely loving it. It’s hard to explain how cool it is to hunt down an enemy pilot by wall running down an entire city block. You reach the building he is on, climb up the side and take him out. You then get the nofitication that your Titan is ready, call it in, and watch it slam to the ground. And in that instant the gameplay completely changes. This isn’t some kill streak bonus, this is you taking control oif a massive war machine. It’s that fluid gameplay that makes this game feel different than the other shooters out there.
    I have always been more of a “Halo, Battlefield Guy”, I like games with vehicals. What I like about Titanfall is that you always get a Titan every match. I’m not stuck waiting for a Little Bird or a Warthog to spawn, I’m playing the game knowing that on average I’m going to get a Titan at least twice a match. And the first time I saw a map littered with Titans battling it out I was sold.

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