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    Ghosts DLC Xbox Early Release - Justifiable?

    My son bought a season pass for COD Ghosts back in December for 40. Yesterday it looks like the first round of DLC came out but as an XBox only exclusive; Playstation and PC players have to wait another month by the looks of it (touted date is Feb 27th)
    My question is - how can Infinity Ward/Activision justify getting into the console war? They shift millions of playstation units and have millions of non-Xbox players (read: paying customers); they're one of the highest earning publishers, thanks to ALL of their customers, they certainly don't need any extra financial incentives from the hardware companies.

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    It feels like they're devaluing a huge chunk of their customer base, for an unknown reason. Surely it's not that Microsoft have just bunged them a wad of cash that they don't really need... (although that's probably the case)
    Unfortunately I don't think that players will vote with their wallets (by boycotting future releases), which would be the only rebuke that would affect future decisions.
    (This is all aside from the DLC good or evil argument - some might say that you've paid 50 for a game already, the updates that keep you playing it should be free!)

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    I’ve seen an interview with Adam sessler (i think) where he cited a study that showed that these deals do make a difference for the platform… Destiny is rumored to have similar deals with the PS4 coming up…

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    The maps are pretty good. I was so close to selling Ghosts when the latest patch and map pack came out. The patch made the game playable for me which motivated me to give the maps a try.
    Fog is dark and foggy. I’m not ashamed to say that I play with the tracker site on this map. Those caves are dangerous.
    Ignition is a “reimagining” of the Modern Warfare 2 map, Scrapyard. It plays well and reminds me a lot about what was fun in MW2. It DOES feel bigger though because of the way the community seems to play Ghosts (a lot slower), but it is a good map IMO.
    Bayview is a really nice looking map. It is bright and colorful. I haven’t really had much fun playing it yet, but I can’t find anything wrong with it. I’ve just had some bad games learning the layout.
    Containment is decent. There’s a spot in the middle of the map that is radioactive and shorts out your minimap while you are hanging out there which is neat. I played some domination on that map, and the B flag is on top of a building which makes things really interesting.
    You also get a new assault rifle called the Maverick. It’s devastating at close range and average at medium range. It’s got a weird recoil that I haven’t gotten used to yet, but it’s a fun gun to shoot.
    I don’t regret dropping the $15 for the pack which says a lot because I was so close to giving up on the game.

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