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    Breath of the Wild: What are you doing?

    As of roughly 9:30 pm on 3/3/2017, I have just successfully gotten my paraglider and left the plateau.
    i then landed safely and promptly ran into a rock guardian and was killed instantly....
    How about you all?

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    I’ve scaled 3 towers,
    completed 11 shrines (including the first 4),
    Tamed a horse and named it "Gluie",
    Scaled all the mountains around Kakariko village
    Think I’m currently in Hateno Village

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    I wanted the horse to be aware of its mortality at all times.
    That way he will fear nothing (except maybe trees).

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    Trying to get to Hateno Village. Gotten to 3 towers, first 4 shrines, and dying a lot. I’ve actually been really enjoying cooking various recipes.

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    Just got killed by my first bear….
    Note to self: Claymore not effective against angry Pooh…

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    Tackling the first dungeon. Overall I’m just meandering and climbing towers when I can, looking for a certain weapon, and finding shrines.
    I got three towers, 6 hearts. I’ve found one memory, on my way to a second which I’m pretty sure I know the location of. No dungeons. Once I find the second memory, I’ll probably start going for the dungeons.
    I’m also a very slow player—I’m overly cautious.
    Very beautiful and engaging game.. it’s also my first Zelda game.
    I am disappoint that you can’t play fetch with the dogs though. Throwing a stick does nothing!

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