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    Halo Unchained: Future of Microsoft's Halo

    Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the position of Halo in the gaming world. Halo has been a huge, outstanding, and important success to Microsoft in their video games' business. But success does not last forever. As us the consumers say: "Stop milking it!". For Halo to survive and just utterly break through other shooters, it needs to adapt. Microsoft should bring Halo as free-to-download or pay-once-to-download multi-player shooter to the PC market.
    Microsoft should bring Halo as free-to-download or pay-once-to-download multi-player shooter to the PC market.

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    To breath life into something getting old means to get it out of its normal state. Bringing Halo as a separate multi-player title to the PC would not harm the Xbox console as far I think. Microsoft should start thinking about all of its products as individuals ones. Do not let Xbox drag Halo around with it. Halo is very much loved by many. Many people desire choice. They want to play the way they want to play. Unchaining Halo from Xbox will benefits both PC and if not Xbox! Xbox will benefits with exclusivity of the Story mode / campaign. Microsoft need to be aggressive and bold when it comes to marketing and promotion. The firm needs to not force down extra content for any player. So, if you the player need something more special about Halo, for example the story that has been going on since Halo: Combat Evolved, then you may want to buy a Xbox!

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    The concept that I have just shared is merely an opinion of mine I had for sometime. Microsoft and 343 Industries must release a PC game called Halo Arena or whatever different name they have... that that they will pour into it the years of experience that they collected to make the best damn Halo multi-player experience ever.
    Always be bold with the old.

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    Being a huge Halo lore fan (Halopedia very entertaining) the more lore (aka games, books, and movies) the better IMHO. The lore brings people in and helps orient them. Anyway I don’t think its a good game for FPSbecause its an arena shooter. If it was centered around loadouts etc (like Halo 4 or CoD) then I’d agree. I just think it wouldn’t be too fun as an FPS especially with the top notch story campaign and the costs associated with it.

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    In my corners of the internet and gaming community, it seems like what people are most excited about is a return to the more basic parts of Halo’s multiplayer. Halo 2’s multiplayer is very highly regarded, and I would wager that it will see a huge resurgence with the Master Chief collection.
    I’m not against the idea of a Halo: Arena type of game for PC. My best PC friends are always talking Master Race this and Master Race that, but they’re always complaining about not getting games. Anyway, it would be nice to see a Halo presence on PC. I’m not so sure about the free to play part, though.
    Also, there’s a lot of people who love playing Treyarch’s zombie modes in Call of Duty. Treyarch isn’t releasing a Call of Duty game this year like they normally would be so I thought having a Zombies only downloadable game would be awesome for this year. That plus DLC would easily carry them through next year. That’s just a thought that your post reminded me of. Do with it what you will.

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