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    My earliest actual memory was going down to a local catalog store (I’m really dating myself with that one; "catalog stores" don’t exist anymore) with one of my parents and buying a Coleco Telstar Arcade.
    But I know that can’t be my first actual gaming experience, because I had to know I wanted one somehow, and I don’t remember how. I would have been 5 years old at the time. I have a feeling one of my friends had one, but I don’t specifically remember that.

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    What's Your Earliest Gaming Memory?

    Oh man that takes me back. We had an Oddysey connected to an old tube TV that needed pliers to operate. The NES was a mind-blowing step-up after that. My earliest memories involve playing Showdown with those old-school joysticks that felt like plastic bricks with little pens sticking out of them. Those were the days.

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    I also remember cutting out Sega Genesis and SNES box art and consoles from the JC Penny & Sears catalogues and taping them to the bottom of the TV, hoping my parents would get the hint that I really, reallywanted one… never got either though..

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    Space Invaders at a pub in the north east of England. I’d be given a stack of 10p’s by an aunt every Sunday when the family gathered.
    I wasn’t hooked until the Nintendo Game and Watch Donkey Kong and then the Spectrum sealed my addiction when I became obsessed with completing Manic Miner and Monty Mole (and endlessly frustrated by Jet Set Willy which I didn’t realise was fatally bugged for years).

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    Pong, circa 1975. Not the home console (this was years before those), but the big, heavy, black & white arcade game with the yellow front and ugly fake wood paneling on the sides and everything.
    I was about 2 years old (yes, I really do remember bits and pieces of being that little) and once in a while my mom used to take me down there to this old arcade where I’d play various pinball machines and Pong, which was this amazing new thing called a "video game."
    I remember marveling at how I was able to control that little blip on the screen in such a way that I could knock that other little blip on the screen (the ball) back to the other side and even play against someone else (I didn’t do very well and got frustrated at first, but I got better). My little mind was blown.

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