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    Do you think people take games too seriously?

    Me, Yes! Some players go mad when playing moba games like Lol,Dota 2, etc and also for some Fps games. .. So many players ended up in deaths....
    What's on your mind? What are all the games does players take so seriously?
    Just share it. Lets make this thread useful .

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    Definitely. I would consider myself a "gamer" up until I was 17-18, meaning I subscribed to magazines, read Eurogamer, knew about the upcoming blockbusters. But people on forums and chatrooms take it way too seriously, frequently to the point of childishness; you’d think the story writers of Mass Effect 3 had murdered some people’s family members in terms of the response they got.
    The older you get though, the more you want to distance yourself from the sense of entitlement around gaming "culture" though, so it could be an age thing. Plus it’s hard to have a real community of focused discussion and criticism when so much of the market are kids 12 years old and under.

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    Going mad about losing a game is not taking it seriously.
    For me, taking a game seriously is to reflect about what happens in the game, what choices you make and why. GTA is often named a satire – but it only is when people think about it. When you run over a hooker, collect the money – it’s what you think about that afterwards that decides what it was. Do think ‘that was fun and I got money’ – you are no taking the game seriously. If you think ’that’s a satirical statement on the fact that in our society it pays of to throw people under the bus’ or ’it’s in fact true that people make money through the suffering of hookers’ – then you are thinking about the game and you are taking it seriously.

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    Games are supposed to be fun. Yet a lot of stuff we do in games is pretty terrible. That doesn’t mean games or gamers are bad, but it means that, if you take games seriously, you have to sit down and think about it.
    I feel that rarely happens for most of people1. They do not analyze what they experienced in the game. They do not think about the plot elements that the game used to i.e. justify violence. They just consume. Same is true with all other forms of art, especially with the heavily commercialized ones.

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    The most competitive gamers that identify their self-worth based on how well they do are going to be the most serious. This just makes sense, psychologically speaking. I don’t think the type of game is the correlative factor on how serious its players become, but the size of the general gaming populace it attracts. The more popular a game is, the more there is to gain by someone becoming especially skilled at it. This isn’t even considering the monetary factors, since I doubt the general gaming community views our hobby in terms of investing and cost/benefit.

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